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Christopher Townsend Sculpture

Metal wall art & metal sculpture for your home, garden, office or park


If you have any questions or need more information about the Wychwood tree sculptures, please contact Christopher using the details below.


07941 503 519



The Old Forge
Asthall Barrow Farm
OX18 4HJ


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The Wychwood Project

In 1086 the Royal Forest of Wychwood covered much of what is now West Oxfordshire. The Wychwood Project was established in 1997 to raise awareness of the history and identity of the area, and to work with local communities to restore its rich patchwork of landscapes and habitats within the Forest boundaries.

The Wychwood Project encourages local people to understand, conserve and restore the forest's rich mosaic of landscapes and wildlife habitats, and through a wide range of activities aims to enhance the environmental, cultural and historical features of the Wychwood landscape.

Christopher Townsend is pleased to support The Wychwood Project, and as such will donate £2 to the project for every sale made from this site.