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Christopher Townsend Sculpture

Metal wall art & metal sculpture for your home, garden, office or park

Metal Wall Mounted Wychwood Tree

Each Wychwood Tree is individually sculpted by Christopher Townsend, and is easily wall mounted. Trees can be customised to your requirements in a variety of sizes and finishes - see below for some examples.

"The Wychwood tree sculpture is fast becoming an iconic image, a signature piece of sculptor Christopher Townsend."
- Ascott Grapevine, November 2009

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Sculpture Finishes Available

  • Silver - natural steel colour created, powder coated to seal.
  • Bronzed - hand painted and finished with a bronze gilt.
  • Galvanised - zinc dipped and T-washed.
  • Powder coated - polyester coating baked on to the surface of the metal (colours available).

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